We help companies get discovered

We work with a variety of channels to help your company get public exposure. We work with blog writers, YouTubers & Instagrammers in your market.

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Advantages over traditional ads:

Long Term Publicity

Ads are shown only once, an article/video/post about your company will be there for years.

Cost Efficiency:

You're only paying 1/5 of what you're paying for ads. On average, more people are exposed to your company through such channels & people are more receptive.

SEO Optimization:

Your website traffic increases when you have links from other website pointing to your website.

We do all the work for you

You don't have to do anything. You only tell us what product you want to promote & we take care of talking to influencers in your market. We work with a large spectrum of influencers from different categories.

Main Channels

We work with main channels out there to better promote your company.


This is one of the main sources of information on the internet & you can use it to your advantage.


YouTube is the 2nd most visited website in the world & a unique place to promote your product.

Instagram, Twitter & Facebook

These are the top social media websites in the world. That's were people spend most of their time...And your company/product should be on it too.


Lots of people listen to podcasts & lots of people use products promoted on those podcasts. Be one of those companies.

Detailed reports.

After one week once your campaigns have been posted, you'll receive all the details about the campaign. How many views & likes posts about you got.

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